the diet mistake i made on my trip

I made a health conscious decision months back, I am very aware of what I put in my body now , I go to the gym,I eat healthily but of recent on my last trip to Shakawe I lost myself a bit, in the name of a vacation and telling myself I will bounce back

I ate everything on my disposal, fat cakes every morning, it did not help that the family I stayed with made them every morning either, am not shifting the blame, just saying I made a really bad choice, can you imagine 6 days of fat cakes!damn, I done did it on that one,I had russian,pasta,ribs & fresh chips(and the nerve to add vegetables in the there :), now, as you may know, vegetables as compared to ribs and fat cakes don’t stand a chance when it comes to giving your mouth juiced up, it’s really a hard thing to do, choosing to eat healthily.People, junk food is everything nice to the taste buds, just like most nice forbidden things in this world the consequence of it all ain’t that tasty, pretty much an awful outcome.with that said, I hear by tell you that I  now have pimples, like a teenager going through some hormonal imbalance, I thought i conquered those.damn you junk food and freedom of eating whatever, just a week and the pimples have featured themselves on my face as if they waiting for me to go rogue.

Anyway, I have vented enough about this, I now need a serious detox plan and I went back to my evening gym life, morning smoothies and healthy living ritual, I think.I am still tempted to stuff my face with some juicy, greasy, as junk as it gets food BUT am pretty sure healthy will win this time because I want this body fit and fine,I still have a lot of places to see.

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  1. I understand – every time I go on a trip, my healthy eating goes right out the window. It’s hard to stay vigilant when your routine is disrupted.

  2. Girl I know your struggle! Every day I’m struggling and like you I have started a good detox! My tips are drink your water ! I have some weight loss tips on my blog hope you can check it out! Great content! We can do this 😘

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