ladies,trips and periods

ladies, this is for us, let’s be selfish and make this blog post about us like with almost everything :), kidding, we are selfless creatures.

There are things that should not be messed with, like the ozone layer, people’s relationships, my sunglasses, and trips, unfortunately this world is not paradise and trips are ruined daily by many incidents but am not gonna get into those.The incident i want to talk about is traveling while on my period or getting my period while traveling, argh!what a waste of anxiety, i mean, whoever came up with this period thing sure knew what they were doing, they planned this whole thing perfectly, it truly does gets the job done.i dont even want the science explanation of it,I don’t need it.When am travelling on my period, science is not there to keep me from checking myself every five seconds, its not there to keep me from being worried about staining the seat, even though i know my pad is fine, the paranoia is still there.

Ladies am  the only one who stops what am doing and be more like “listen” to my underpats situation because i feel like something is out and about from where is suppose to be and when I go check all is good.i don’t even move that much after that,I will be glued to one position for a while until my muscles and bones complain, that poor car sear.I sometimes check under my trouser( i always wear trousers when I travel)to check if I have not stained,I mean,after a few checks my trip is ruined.I still have a lot to go through, bloating, an active stomach, being soo alert, focusing on weather I think the pad is full and  not forgetting the monster pains, yikes.After all this i finaly get a bit of sleep,guess what,am not realy sleepig,am half asleep,because while am zoned out like that half of my  mind is period about military skills,lol.

Everything that goes with having my periods is exhausting on its own without the stress of having to change my sanitary pads  and trying to stay clean on the way.I mean, can you imagine the frustration of using public transport, having to pass a number of people to get to your sit, after a while you feel like you are smelling and that people can smell it too, eww.i think short distance trips are much better on this situation, as for long distance journeys,its walking on hot charcoal,you kow what,I will be praying that my destination is worth it and I will forget everything I have been through when I get there,how nice would it be to travel with a sweatheart of a person who will make the nightmare a little more bearable,that will be great.


  • always have your painkillers
  • put on something comfy for traveling
  • have all your sanitary neccessities
  • drink something warm ,it helps with soothing your insides
  • if you on a long journey,try finding somewhere to shower,if not possible carry with you non alcoholic wipes that you can use to clean up as much as possible.

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  1. Im a traveller but whn im on my periods il rather stay home all week, its just so unconfortable evn whn im home so imagine whn im now in the middle of those people out there…Hot beverages always help me when im having my periods too. Painkillers are my best friend during this time.

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