Have you made your traveling plans yet?

Holidays are near,what are your traveling plans?have you thought about it or you already made them?if not i suggest you start planning or giving it a thought.There is so much to do,places to go and see,that one place you always wanted to see,this might be the time to.Plan for this vacation and plan it good,its always nice to be with friends and/ family on holidays and vacations,its always good to have someone you can be comfortable to do almost anything with,you don’t want an uptight person,well i don’t want that,pick your traveling squad right.

Traveling agencies are advertising their packages ,so make sure you pick a package that favors you or the one that’s good for you and your people.NEVER forget the financial part of it all,the most important part,its not fun when you end up broke before a vacation or holidays ends and you become a burden to your friends and family and miss out on fun things.if you have not started saving,start right now,save! you want to enjoy every single moment of your vacation,do the right thing.

One of my friends is on a vacation in Mallorca, the pictures he sends just makes me die of envy, while the winter on my side got me in indoors most of the time,its good to see people having fun and enjoying their summer.how i wish!*sigh*. i made him promise to send me pictures of their spring break,so all this is credited to him,thank you Dennis.An example of a well planned vacation,him and his boys doing their thing.

8 Replies to “Have you made your traveling plans yet?”

    1. yes, somehow I programmed myself to think that beautiful places should always be around greens and water :), even though I know that’s not the case all the time.will check it out, thanks.x

  1. The financials are always tricky. Lol! Always end up spending more than we budgeted for. And yes, it’s way important to pick your traveling squad well. I like to let go and just be crazy,carefree me and I know for a fact some people can’t handle it. Reminds me of the time I refrained from wearing shorts in hot weather for fear of offending a certain highly religious friend of ours. I think people should just be free during holidays.

    1. lol, they are very tricky, its hard to be on good terms with you bank account when you’re on a holiday.travel squad issue is a must, oh you will go through the ‘no shots’ saga again.the people must have fun and be free.

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